Consultation: better than conducting legal proceedings

Consultation: better than conducting legal proceedings

Do you have a conflict with the other party that you cannot resolve? Going to court seems like the logical next step. The prospect of being found to be right can be attractive. However, many people forget that a court case can end up to your disadvantage: one of the parties will have to accept the fact that he/she is the 'loser'. Furthermore, litigation often takes a long time and will cost both parties much time, money, effort and frustration.

Assistance during legal conflicts

It is often feelings of frustration and powerlessness that are the basis of legal conflicts. Within the existing litigation process, there is insufficient focus on the interests and emotions of the parties in conflict. The final decisions are made by the courts within the boundaries of the law. However, the underlying problems are generally not exposed and resolved.

Tailor-made solutions during conflict

In collaborative practice, the focus is on the emotional charge that conflicts may carry, so that these emotions do not impact on the contents of the conflict. The aim is not to think in 'win' or 'lose' terms. You will search together with the professionals for a solution that both parties can agree to. This ensures tailor-made solutions, which the court usually has no time for. In addition, collaborative practice often takes less time than a court case and causes considerably less stress. Due to the joint interest, it usually saves money as well.

Long-lasting solutions for conflicts

Whether it concerns a commercial conflict or a labour dispute, assistance from professionals is sorely needed for the solution by agreement of (complex) conflicts. The creation of a solution that is feasible legally as well as financially, and is also satisfactory for both parties, requires careful weighing up and thorough professional knowledge. As a professional you ensure that the discussions will progress properly and safely and that your clients can move on again with a long-lasting solution.